Monday, January 3, 2011

Introduction, please!

I would like to introduce everyone to my boyfriend. Yes, if you read my profile, it does say that I am married. But I have to tell you that this new thing in my life takes up so much time! I forget errands, I lose track of time, and I always feel on edge while in the middle of our time. Yes, my boyfriend's name is MAT, as in my GMAT prep test booklet. (*swoon*, it teaches me math!)

Part of the reasoning of this blog is to condition myself to a new type of schedule. Since I have been out of school, ah hem, for a while, the art of studying seems somewhat foreign, but in a good way. I feel so learned sitting with my books in Starbucks, multiplying x's, factoring, calculating percentages, and more. Yes, way more. I also have come to peace with the fact that you will ultimately at some point in life have to use the math that you should have learned in high school. Can anyone remember what a hyperbola is? No?  For all those English majors, its not a typo, a hyperbole is something else.This new 2011 schedule involves writing down inspirations for the blog, studying for the math part of the test,  keeping my hubris in check regarding the verbal section, work, and husband time.

A recent discovery, while pondering my journey around "the wall" (if you don't know what I am talking about, read back a few posts), was that I needed to hurry up and go to graduate school, if I ever plan on going. 30 is knocking at my door and soon babies will be required of me (still yet another story for later) and the thought of being pregnant or having a toddler at home while I am trying to get it on with my GMAT test booklet is daunting, if not down right frightening. So, is anyone else on the verge of procuring a post graduate degree? Any b-school applicants feeling the heat like me? I would love to know that there are others out there feeling like its now or never for grad school!

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