Saturday, January 1, 2011

Good Bye 2010 and Hello 2011!!!

Yesterday, my husband and I went to a small gathering of friends to ring in the new year. The hostness prepared an end-of-the-year exercise for all those in attendance to participate. We all wrote down on a small piece of paper some bad behavior or negative thought that we did not want to carry into the new year with us. Then we burned the piece of paper and selected an affirmation from a randomly scattered about pile. This year, I am determined to do away with my habit of procrastination. I burned it!!! For too long have I not done things, because I could convince myself to do them later. And what purpose does that serve? This behavior certainly doesn't help me. Do you know how many things I could have accomplished, if I had just done them??? Good bye Procrastination, you are no longer welcome here!

The affirmation I chose said "I am courageous in 2011!"

I am super excited about that! I AM courageous and will be so for the remainder of 2011 and so on. It's amazing how the passing of a single day can help you feel released from a whole year's worth of  weight. As  2011 begins, I look forward to the more courageous version of myself, who gets things done promptly and then does more things, promptly! Usually, we all list out ridiculously ambiguous goals for the new year like "eat healthier," "be more active", " be nicer," etc. when really what we could probably use are 2-3 simple concrete behavioral changes that would affect everyday lives.  And yes, being more courageous in 2011 falls into that category of poorly defined resolutions, but so what! Its makes me feel good.

On the phone today with my family, we all shared our hopes and resolutions for the new year. All of the adults talked about being more patient, being kinder, working harder, taking care of self, and all other sorts of mental and spiritual improvements (similar to the point I made in the previous paragraph). Our 10 year old niece got on the phone and then said that in 2011, she wants to be able to shoot a basketball further and learn how to play tennis. Period.  Apparently, 10-year-olds need no spiritual improvement, just simple easy to achieve physical goals. Self-assurance and esteem help be damned!

Of course, upon hearing her simple concrete goals listed for 2011, my new internal resolution, after self improvement and all that, is to get on the treadmill at least 2 times a week. Now, tell me I am not courageous!

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