Friday, November 11, 2011

Zone One by Colson Whitehead

I LOVE reading... particularly if the title or description has the following words:







ghost/ demon/ spirits


I think you get the point. Give me a good old- fashioned horror monster-ghost who is worshipped by witches who get eaten by zombies who then dies because of a deadly plague and I am happy. I am even happier when there are stories with ethnic or minority lead characters. My love of "science fiction/ fantasy" genre has prompted a long love affair with Tananarive Due (The Good House)  and Octavia Butler (Fledgling, omg so good).

But now I am super excited to add Colson Whitehead to the list. Zone One is the first book in my new book club's reading list and I am super excited.

You can read the description of the book here. Go support black writers who write about the things I love, like murder, death, and bio-chemically created monsters. So exciting!

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