Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Desparately seeking friends :-|

This past Sunday I attended my cousin beautiful wedding ceremony here in temperate southern California. During the one of the speeches at the reception, my cousin commented that he often makes fun of his new bride for not having enough female friends. At the exact moment, my husband glanced at me and telepathically said, "That's totally you!"

I used to think I had bag full o' broads that I could call friends, until my husband asked me who...So I pushed my chest out and said I have the best group of female friends ever!

6) Naana

then he added a caveat of, female friends who I could actually hangout with....


This is the sad story of my friendless life. Jindy is a new friend that I am getting closer with as the months go by, but  I am truly missing a serious girlfriend. A homie!

Where are you GF? I can't keep taking my husband to the shoe department everytime we go out... he might divorce me.

NOTICE: Nice professional woman in search of similar female with modern, boho taste, that likes wine, food, and fun. Are you out there looking for me too? Are you bummed that you don't have someone to share TrueBlood, Tina Fey, high heels, good books, and ice cream with? If so, then I am the friend for you. And while I love children, I don't have any yet, so you probably shouldn't either. I have friends with children and they usually don't have time for friends, or they don't have time for me (and rightly so, children are important)... either way, if you have kids, how can we drink wine into the wee hours of the morning while watching Amelie and pretending to speak french to the TV.

And before this turns into a desperate ad for some lonely chick living in one of the biggest cities in the country, I would like to say that new friendship without the crutch of the educational system is difficult. Have you made very many new friends since undergrad or graduate school? How I can I meet like mind ladies to have fun with?

Maybe I should ask some of my boys?

But the real kicker is, if friends are so hard to find why to do I have so many male friends and not female? I can tell you for sure that they aren't watching Amelie with me on the weekends (not that my husband would approve of that anyway).


  1. Aww! I miss you! I wish I had an answer for you. Friends are hard to find. XOXO.

  2. I have a secret confession. I joined a group of women through craigslist! I KNOW, nuts!
    But, I'm a graduate student who doesn't want to spend her nights and weekends with other graduate students only. I need my science free time. That group of women was started to see Sex in the City of all things and then sort of broke apart but I made one good, non-school related friend out of it. But, I feel like I need to find friends too b/c I really can't take my husband shopping anymore and/or force him to see Midnight in Paris. All of my female friends are across the country doing some form or professional/graduate school and/or already working in their fields just not in my city. Being a professional separates people :)

    So, I say all that to say try Meetup or Craigslist groups that are started for Book Clubs or BYOB dining groups.

  3. Dfig... I have looked at meetup and then chickened out... I should be more empowered and be like you! BTW- Don't sweat the craigslist thing. I joined the best book club ever from craigslist and sure enough no one was crazy.