Monday, July 11, 2011

Feeling like your age, but in a good way...

 Are you one of those people who are soooo mature for his/her age? Well, I was for a very long time. Even now at 29, people still say that I far more mature than they were at my age. Silly me, I thought that once you graduated from college, you needed to buckle down and become an adult, requiring at least some maturity. And oddly enough as a teenager, someone telling you how mature you are seems like such a compliment (probably because when you are a teenager, being an adult seems so awesome). But now as an almost-thirty year old, not quite quite so awesome, and actually, I might even call it a little condscending. I know that its meant as a complement, but seriously, if the standard of 30 has fallen so low that we are still applauding people's maturity, then I am concerned for all of us born in the eighties and later.

Personally, I feel like I am right where I am supposed to be. And of course the operative word in that sentance is "I". Where I am is certainly not were some of my friends are, but that is ok for them. An employed, no-kid-having, grad-school-pondering, home and 401k- owning Angelno is ok for me. My friends and I are staring down 30's door and seriously, some of them are freaking out. I don't entirely get it, but I imagine it is similar to what my mom went through when she turned 40. For me, thirty seems pretty cool. I mean, I have most of the complicated stuff figured out: career, check. Husband, check. Home, check. identity, check. Dog, check. And of course, maturity, check. So when I look at 30, there are so many things already established, it just seems like it should be a breeze. All except for the kid thing, I am good to go for 30.

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